Yousuf Khan


Sweater vest-wearing CIO; from Pakistan, Egypt, Kenya, and UK. Digs Dr. Pepper, Eagles, Spiderman and helping founders.

Yousuf is a Partner at Ridge Ventures.  Having held many operational roles in his previous positions, he’s uniquely qualified to not only grow Ridge’s portfolio, but more importantly to support founders through the vantage point of deep start-up experience. He currently serves as board director for Ridge-backed Archera, Cerby, Chisel Labs, Lightyear, Rafay, and Rewind.

Prior to joining Ridge, Yousuf was the first CIO of Automation Anywhere, the CIO and Vice President of Customer Success at cloud-based AI platform Moveworks, as well as CIO of Pure Storage and Qualys. He has been an advisor to early-stage companies such as Zoom, Productiv and Material Security as well as an active member of the CIO community.

He holds a BSc in Business Management from King’s College London.