Akriti Dokania


Compassionate VC, yoga loving, highly technical, with party parrot energy.

Akriti is a Partner at Ridge Ventures. Her background in computer science, product management, and building a B2B business from the ground up have expertly positioned Akriti to understand the complexities that founders face not only in developing software but in all aspects of the lifecycle of a startup.

Previously, Akriti was an investor at Octopus Ventures and was part of the Deep Tech pod focusing on everything from AI/ML automation to Quantum Computing.  She worked as Product Manager with Windows Security and in the User Experience team at Windows Edge. While completing her MBA at the London Business School, she worked with the Amazon Alexa team to help launch Alexa in new territories. Prior to this, she built a B2B business focused on accounting in the retail space in India.

She holds a BS in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from London Business School.

Akriti enjoys tennis, soccer, and pretty much any competitive sport.